Tree Lopping Services in South East Melbourne

Efficient Tree Lopping Services

Do you need tree lopping in the Melbourne south east suburbs? Fortunately, the team of experienced arborists at Joel’s Tree Services can assist you with any problem trees. We can remove the top part of a tree when it has existing structural damage that a light pruning is unable to rectify. Whether caused by weather, disease or improper pruning techniques, our specialists can help.

When is Tree Lopping Required?

Tree lopping and removal is sometimes called topping because of how much of the tree is removed. Our arborist will cut large parts from the tree, either by vertically cutting side branches or by making horizontal cuts on the main stem of the tree. This is an extreme method of pruning, but is sometimes necessary and is often the last step in attempting to save the tree.

There are numerous situations where tree lopping services might be necessary, including:

• If heavy wind or lightning has damaged the structural integrity of the tree, some branches may need to be removed as they are no longer safe.

• Sometimes, tree branches can become diseased and unsalvageable, and tree lopping is required for the rest of the tree to survive.

• If a tree has been previously pruned incorrectly, the tree may need further pruning to fix the issue.

• Trees may also be lopped for aesthetic purposes, such as to create a pleasing rounded shape.

Improve the Health & Strength of Your Trees Today

Tree lopping and removal is a task that absolutely must be performed by an experienced arborist. Although it can improve the overall health and strength of a tree, tree lopping is an extreme method of pruning that can damage a tree beyond repair when done by someone untrained.

If you need tree removal, tree lopping services as a last resort to be able to save your tree. At Joel’s Tree Services, our fully qualified team will make sure to choose the right course of action for your situation. Contact our team today for more advice and assistance.

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