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Affordable Tree Mulching Service

Are you searching for an affordable, convenient and eco-friendly option for tree mulch? At Joel’s Tree Services, we’re proud to offer domestic and real estate clients affordable top quality solutions in south east Melbourne. Not only do we offer professional tree removal, lopping and pruning services, but we also pride ourselves on providing excellent tree mulching services. Additionally, we offer tree mulch for sale across Melbourne and surrounds which you can use to keep your gardens healthy and beautiful. 

The Many Benefits of Mulch

Tree mulch is one of the best ways to keep your garden in tip top condition, with multiple benefits for your plants that include:

Adds Nutrients – As the mulch breaks down, it provides your garden with essential nutrients like nitrogen.

Retains Water – Tree mulch helps to retain water in your garden, meaning you will need to water less. Great for those summer water restrictions!

Insulates Plants – Frosts and temperature changes can hurt your plants, and mulch creates a protective layer.

Reduces Weeds – A thick layer of tree mulch stops weeds from sprouting by smothering them at the roots.

Encourages Worms – Earthworms are wonderful for the health of your garden, and mulch provides them with the perfect habitat.

Rather than filling landfill with tree branches and pruning clippings, let our reliable tree mulching contractors take your garden waste and mulch it for you.

We’re committed to responsible tree mulching services and sales, reducing landfill while also providing an affordable alternative to commercial mulch for gardeners. All of our clients can keep their own mulch at no extra cost. If you require additional mulch, we can also provide low-cost deliveries across south east Melbourne.

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If green waste is taking up space in your garden, get a quote from Joel’s Tree Services for our tree mulching service. We’re proud to offer an alternative to landfill that’s affordable and convenient for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help get your garden looking great.

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