Tree Removal

Where Tree Removal is required you can rest assured that our fully qualified staff will get the job done safely and efficiently, no matter the situation. We also specialise in tight access, complex removals and where impact to the surrounding environment needs to be kept to a minimum. No tree is too big or too small for us to handle.

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping or topping of the tree is an extreme form of pruning that can cause damage to the structure and integrity of the tree which can then result in poor tree form & weak regrowth. It also increases the chance of fungal attack and decay in the tree which can lead limb failure or even the tree completely dying, down the track. Please call us to discuss whether this is the best course of action for your tree.

Tree Pruning

Not all trees require Removal to make them safe. We have vast experience in pruning trees to Australian Standards and our Qualified Arborists understand what is required to improve the structure and integrity of the tree. Please call us now to discuss how removing dead and hanging branches, along with weight-reduction, crown thinning and various other professional pruning techniques can help to make your tree safe again.

Mulching Services & Sales

We are committed to providing our services in an environmentally conscious manner. Instead of taking your prunings or trees to landfill, please call us to quote on mulching it for you which usually works out cheaper for you than taking it to the tip and saves you the hassle. All of our green tree waste is recycled into organic mulch and our clients are able to keep their own mulch completely free of charge.

Please contact us if you require a load of mulch for your garden. We can deliver for a small fee and have loads available most days.

Stump Removal

Stumps are ground out using professional, high-tech stump grinders to create minimal impact to surrounding area, leaving a woody mulch in place of the stump. We have machines available for tight access areas as well as larger Stump Grinders for large stumps.

Hedge Trimming

Our experienced staff are able to return that unruly or out of control hedge back into a manageable privacy screen and can maintain it for you too. We have all the necessary equipment to tackle any size hedge and can reduce or maintain it at the height you require.

Land & Block Clearing

Whether you need your whole block cleared, or partially cleared of trees for building, or have just bought a property and want to start from scratch with more manageable trees, we have the capacity and access to any necessary equipment required to complete the job, regardless of size.

Emergency Storm Damage

We are able to deal with any Emergency Storm Damage whatever the situation. We will do what is needed immediately to make the situation safe and then if required we will bring in any extra necessary equipment to complete the work so further damage to your property is reduced.

Insurance Work

In the unfortunate situation where you are going through an insurance claim to clean up and remove a fallen tree or limb, rest assured that Joel’s Tree Services is the company to call. We will do everything we can to help expedite the process and pride ourselves on our clean-up process.

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